Delta Digital Video

Why Choose Rugged?

At Delta Digital Video, ruggedness runs deep. Our rugged video encoders are designed from the ground up for operation in harsh environments, unlike many converted network appliances on the market. Toughness and reliability are vital in mission critical applications. Delta’s video encoders are engineered to ensure mission success in airborne, shipboard, and ground-mobile platforms. Even our commercial products are designed with ruggedness in mind.

Our products are tested in a variety of environments; from extended temperature and high-altitude operation and EMC compatibility, to surviving in various shock, salt/fog, and rain environments. Delta’s products are tested in accordance with MIL-810/DO-160, MIL-461, and MIL-704/1275 standards. Not only will you benefit from this extensive environmental and EMI/EMC testing, our rugged video encoders are MISB/STANAG compliant, meeting the government standards for interoperability.

Performance is all that matters when it comes to designing and engineering fully rugged video encoders to be deployed on UAS, manned ISR, helicopters, ground vehicles, and ship platforms supporting Air Force, Army and Navy programs. Our rugged video encoders compress and multiplex payload video, audio, and metadata for real-time, low-latency transmission to remote hardware or software decoders via serial or Ethernet networks. The encoders support synchronous or asynchronous KLV metadata and can be configured to convert sensor telemetry into KLV encoded metadata.

Additionally, Delta will begin delivering the 7000 Series rugged H.265 (HEVC) video encoders in early 2018. The H.265 video compression algorithm utilizes highly bit-efficient coding to provide encoded streams at nearly half the bandwidth of its H.264 predecessor. It also provides high quality video encoding at relatively low bit rates, for both HD and SD. Our 7000 Series products will retain the features and physical I/O to ensure compatibility with systems using our 6000 Series H.264 products.

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