We solve our customer’s most challenging problems by delivering innovative & critical solutions.

Our systems support the Aerospace & Defense community’s mission to provide for the safety and security of our Nation and our Allies.

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Our Product Areas

Airborne & Ground Telemetry Products & Systems

Delta Information Systems (DIS) is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality aerospace telemetry products for Flight Test, Missile Test, Range Safety, Launch Support and Satellite Command and Control applications.
Our product offerings address the complete telemetry chain from Data Acquisition, Storage, Transport and Distribution to Telemetry Processing and Display.
DIS customers include all DoD entities, all Major Primes, Integrators, Gov Labs, Aircraft & Missile Manufacturers, & Launch Facilities.
We have led the telemetry community for over 50 years bringing a wealth of technical and application knowledge to our customers.

Mission Systems

Delta Information Systems (DIS) designs and develops sophisticated electronic equipment that is specifically designed to reliably operate in harsh environments.
We deliver critical video communications capability for manned and unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) programs.
DIS supplies key components to our nations Radar Warning Aircraft, Electronic Warfare Systems and Unmanned Vehicles, Ground Vehicles and Space Systems.
We have supported the DoD and NASA since the 1940’s, and continue today with industry leading developments.

Our Companies

Ampex Data Systems produces airborne solid state recorders, machine learning and cyber security solutions for rugged environments.

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Delta Digital Video is a leading supplier of leading-edge solutions in video compression and scan conversion.

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GDP Telemetry Systems designs and manufactures world-class ground based aerospace telemetry products and systems.

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Acroamatics Telemetry Systems produces high-performance, real-time telemetry processing and display systems.

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Wideband produces COTS & custom recording hardware for demanding requirements of aerospace, communication & intelligence marketplaces.

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Our Applications

Telemetry Data Acquisition

Telemetry Data Acquisition

Telemetry Data Transport

Airborne Flight Test Data Acquisition & Recording

Onboard Encryption & Cyber Security

Machine Learning at the Edge

Homeland Security Surveillance

ISR & Flight Test Video Compression

Telemetry Range Management Software

Telemetry Data Processing & Display

Airborne Mission Data Acquisition & Recording

Telemetry Data Test & Simulation

Video Scan Conversion

Trusted Performance & Reliability
We’re committed to serving our government and commercial markets with the highest levels of effective quality management. Rigorous testing and qualification guarantees our compliance with standards and program requirements.
Engineering Solutions Together

The Delta Family of Companies work together and share technology to deliver the most innovative products and solutions. Continuous process improvement along with aggressive research and development assure that our products meet demanding requirements.

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Whether you have a small question or major emergency, the Delta Family of Companies
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