John Carlson - ETTC 2024 -- DQE Paper

New Whitepaper Release: Data Quality Estimation (DQE): The Two Main Techniques and Their Strengths and Weaknesses

By John Carlson

John Carlson, GDP Cheif Engineer & a highly regarded expert in telemetry systems and signal processing, presented his latest work, “Data Quality Estimation (DQE): The Two Main Techniques and Their Strengths and Weaknesses,” which promises to bring valuable insights into the field of telemetry.

In his whitepaper, Carlson delves into the critical need for accurate data quality estimation in telemetry, driven by the increasing demand for reliable link availability and the reduction of environmental impacts caused by rerunning missions. The paper contrasts two main DQE techniques: the bit-by-bit method based on signal quality, developed with Patuxent River Naval Air Station in the early 2000s, and the frame-by-frame method based on bit error probability, incorporated into the IRIG 106 standard by the Range Commanders Council in the late 2010s.

Carlson’s detailed analysis highlights the strengths and weaknesses of these techniques for use with Best Source Selectors, diversity combining, and antenna tracking. His work emphasizes the importance of choosing the right DQE method to enhance telemetry data reliability and performance.

John Carlson’s extensive experience and expertise ensure that his presentation will be a significant contribution to the field, offering practical guidance and innovative solutions for telemetry professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading minds in telemetry and data quality estimation.

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