Acro 2900 TDP & 1632 PCM Card
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PCM Simulation 101

Discover the power of Acroamatics PCM Telemetry Simulator, an FPGA hardware-based solution included with each decom card and system. With dedicated simulators for each decom stream, this versatile tool offers two modes of operation: Encoded Data Mode and Program Mode.

In Encoded Data Mode, you can easily serialize straight-binary data at a programmed bit rate, with support for various IRIG PCM and randomization format output settings. The user-friendly interface, command line, and C-based API enable seamless data loading from files or custom software.

In Program Mode, users have the flexibility to define a customized PCM format for simulation. Each word position in the format can be assigned a specific data resource, determining the serialized value. Once defined, the simulation runs directly on the card, eliminating the need for constant host intervention. The UDF (User Data FIFO) resource allows selective loading of user data into the simulator’s FIFO for specific word positions, with support for command line, GUI, and C-based API.

Notably, the simulator can also output PCM clk/data from networked IRIG 218-10/-20 or Chapter 10/11 UDP streaming input sources, adding to its extensive capabilities.

Explore the vast potential of PCM simulation with Acroamatics’ advanced solution, enabling precise control and seamless integration.

Acro 2900 TDP & 1632 PCM Card

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