Next Generation High-speed Network Flight Test Instrumentation Solutions

The integration of various high-speed sensors and 10GbE+ backbones within the flight test instrumentation (FTI) community has vastly increased data rates, on-board processing requirements, pure network architecture, and cybersecurity requirements. These new high-speed systems often need to record traditional low-speed data such as PCM, 1553, video, analog and discrete signals.
Conventional hardware based CH10 recorders are too slow for new programs, have too much latency, and limited processing power. The new requirements for recording high and low speed signals in a usable and protected format has moved the industry towards new FTI technology.
AMPEX is the only avionics company to offer a complete, high-speed, NextGen FTI solution that is designed to combine conventional data and new network requirements in a future proof system with machine learning based data management and cybersecurity options. View larger image.
  • High-speed to 40GbE+
  • Dense storage 80TB+
  • Multiple high bandwidth signal inputs
  • Traditional low-speed FTI signal inputs
  • A software recorder – virtual CH10, DAR, IENA, iNET, etc.
  • Open systems and standards
  • Low latency
  • On-board machine learning based data management
  • Cybersecurity on the edge

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