NEW TuffServ Rackmount Solutions

TuffServ Rackmount Solutions (TRS) bring AMPEX’s unrivaled experience with rugged, conduction-cooled airborne systems to the rack-mount system sector. TRS address key issues encountered when attempting to take products designed for data center use into aerospace environments: cooling, removable storage, and management of internal cables in high-vibration environments.

* Supports X11 Motherboards with Intel® Xeon® Processors
* Full Size Motherboard Support (E-ATX)
* Innovative ‘Dual Layer’ Enclosure System
* Removable Storage Tray (Variants for SATA, SAS and NVMe)
* Optimized Clean Air Flow, Power / Signal Distribution Plane
* 3U / 4U Heights Available, Standard 19″, Short Depth Profile

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