Looking to More Effectively Mine, Develop & Deliver Mission Telemetry Results to Customers?

Acroamatics provides an array of real-time and post mission telemetry decom and EU test data file discovery, playback, analysis, conversion and export tools with a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows for easy setup and initiation of a desired output data process.
Acroamatics’ new Data File Utility user interface is just one of many new and improved telemetry system tools added to the core Acroamatics Telemetry Systems Software Suite (ATSS) to provide enhanced user access to a variety of conversion and user data output capabilities supported within Acroamatics’ industry leading real-time Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) low latency card embedded programmable processing architecture.

Export (and import) of native PCM Chapter 10 recording files are supported, along with a range of extraction and processing tools enabling the export of select tagged decom measurement, derived EU converted parameters, or a time series coherent amalgamation of those mission critical telemetry data measurement benchmarks.

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