Unlock Seamless Telemetry Analysis: Introducing the Acroamatics Model 4032AP

Discover unparalleled performance in a compact, 7lb dual stream telemetry processing solution with the new Model 4032AP. The 4032AP may be compact, but it still delivers top-flite features such as panel mount BNC signal I/O, real-time LED decom status, and dual onboard 4TB SSD data storage. The 4032AP is configured to support both laptop networked host or direct local (HDMI/USB-3 monitor-keyboard) operator set-up and operations, delivering convenience and performance like never before.

Arriving as a comprehensive, ready-to-use solution, the Model 4032AP comes equipped with mission configuration, display, and analysis software (ADAT) the Model 4032AP is configuration, file, function, and data rate performance compatible with the entire line of Acroamatics TDP family of processing system and cardset/software products, and both Chapter 4 and 7 in both copper and TMoIP input data transport types, with full support for Chapter 10 UDP direct data processing and user data file exchange.

Embrace unbeatable price/performance value, backed by Acroamatics’ renowned reputation for exceptional user support, product quality, and longevity. Elevate your telemetry analysis game with the Acroamatics Model 4032AP today.


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