Has Telemetry Market Vendor Consolidation and Downsizing Resulted in Obsolescence of Your Current Telemetry Decom Card or Data Processing Solution?

If so, Acroamatics Telemetry Systems can provide turn-key, long-term replacement solutions – TODAY. With an impeccable reputation for product innovation and support serving aerospace defense companies and government test ranges worldwide, Acroamatics has been the leading choice for engineering lab, production test, and range T&E missile and aircraft telemetry test needs.


The Model 2900AP Real-time Telemetry Data Processor is a natural replacement for end-of-life products such as the L3 550 and Avalon family of integrated multi-stream low-latency telemetry data processing products. The Model 2900AP is a true “drop-in” replacement solution, supporting both legacy and future multi-stream telemetry acquisition and processing tasks efficiently and cost effectively, featuring:


  • IA and Cyber Security friendly, OS independent card embedded programmable processing architecture
  • Linux or Windows 10 – pick the OS environment to suit your needs
  • User integrated card-based or large scale range data center turn-key solutions
  • Proven track record of long-term support and sustainable high-performance architecture

Acroamatics Direct Replacements of L3 West Telemetry Products:


  • System 550/AVALON Replacement – Model 2900AP TDP system support both Windows & Linux, are STIG Compliant, operate in both real-time and post mission (playback) processing modes, support up to 16 stream configurations, comply with all current industry standards for decommutation, processing, distribution, simulation, integrated data imaging and analysis, recording, and networked data services
  • MTF Replacements (MFT 1000) – Model 4032 / Model 3022 turn-key multi-function compact telemetry solutions are compatible with larger TDP systems standardized tools and methods, offer low lifetime support costs, and are upgradeable and extendable
  • Board Level Replacements (MFT-800 PCIe & VTS PCI) – Model 1632AP family of PCIe multi-function processing cards offer superior performance, easy integration, software and hardware compatibility with enterprise and portable TDP system products, OS independent embedded processor architecture, and simplified long-term support, IA compliance, and API development


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