GDP Delivers Automated TMoIP / DQE Range Acquisition Solution

GDP has successfully completed delivery and site checkout of the new Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway and Model 2267 Best Source Selector for a major Naval Test Center. The system provides over 400 channels of TMoIP feeding 20 Best Source Selectors under control of Telemetry Range Management Software (TRMS).

Under TRMS control, the 2350s take PCM data from legacy receivers and convert it to Ethernet packets. The 2267s ingest the Ethernet packets and use the new RCC DQE method to perform hitless best source selection. When more than two sources are present, the output error rate is enhanced through a majority vote algorithm. TRMS then routes the Best Source Ethernet outputs to their selected destinations where the packets are converted back to PCM data for processing and analysis. The TRMS software manages the network configuration, addressing and routing from source to destination providing detailed status and performance monitoring throughout.

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