Delta Digital Video

Ensure Video Quality Over Constrained Datalinks

There are several ways to configure Delta Digital Video’s video encoders to ensure good quality video is delivered even for severely constrained datalinks. These settings alone, or in combination, allow the user to tune the video performance for bit rates as low as 128Kbps.

    • • Scaling / Cropping: reducing the number of processed pixels can significantly reduce the required bandwidth. Cropping can concentrate the video compression on a region of interest, providing high quality for the desired portion of the imagery.


    • • Frame Rate Decimation: Skipping video frames is another method to reduce processing and required bandwidth. Encoding a lower number of frames allows for higher quality video, particularly beneficial for static imagery or “Dwell” modes.


    • • GOP (Group of Pictures) Size: Increasing the number of predicted frames (P-frames) between Intra-coded frames (I-frames) will also reduce the required bandwidth. This setting is typically used in conjunction with scaling, cropping, and/or frame decimation to enhance video quality in low bit rate applications.



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