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Delta Digital Video Unveils Cutting-Edge Next-Gen Video Encoder & Decoder Solutions

Delta Digital Video is excited to introduce our next-gen video encoder and decoder solutions, taking IP video transmission and display to the next level. Enhancing our high quality, low latency H.264/H.265 capabilities, we now offer a JPEG-XS option, delivering a super low latency, visually lossless feature. The Models 5480E and 5480D provide a latency as low as 40ms glass to glass, ensuring true “ultra” low latency performance. These state-of-the-art products support resolutions up to 4K over SDI, HDMI, or USB, and seamlessly integrate into any new or existing video distribution network.


Models 5480E and 5480D: UHD/HD/SD Video Encoder and Decoder


The Models 5480E and 5480D are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive video transmission and display solution. Both units support Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Definition (HD), and Standard Definition (SD) video (UHD/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, Composite) for video-over-IP applications. They are ideal for various remote monitoring applications including military, law enforcement, security, surveillance, broadcast, and distance learning.


Key features include:


Industry-Standard Compression: Both the encoder and decoder utilize H.264/H.265, or low-latency JPEG-XS compression for high-quality video delivery.


Flexible Configuration: Adjust video resolutions, compression parameters, and network settings to optimize performance.


Robust Design: Compact and rugged, capable of operation in harsh environments with extended temperature operation.


Security and Reliability: Support for SRT/RIST protocols and AES encryption/decryption, making them ideal for military, law enforcement, and traffic monitoring applications.


A Commitment to Excellence


“Our Next-Gen Video Encoder & Decoder Solutions are a testament to Delta Digital Video’s commitment to innovation and excellence,” said George Nelson, Vice President & General Manager of Delta Digital Video. “We understand the critical nature of reliable video transmission in mission-critical operations, and our new solutions are designed to exceed the highest standards of performance and reliability.”


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Delta Digital Video - 5480 Encoder/Decoder

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