Complete End-to-End Control of All Telemetry Range Network Assets

Premier Test Ranges are selecting GDP Space Systems’ Telemetry Range Management Software (TRMS) to enable the seamless integration and management of new networked telemetry tracking, receiving, and data distribution assets in support of range modernization. TRMS is an extensible software suite providing Test Directors, range management officials, and technical staff with complete visibility and critical status on their test and network assets before, during, and after the test mission.

TRMS provides complete end-to-end control of all telemetry range network assets (ReceiversTMoIP Transport DevicesBest Source Selectors, etc.) via an intuitive operator interface based on common language naming conventions (such as Site-N: Remote-1 or Channel-Z: Receiver 1: Output-2) as opposed to detail device configuration addresses. TRMS enables quick and accurate mission support development, modification, operation, and active mission management situations. TRMS features include:

  • Full end-to-end link connection / status monitoring & display
  • End-to-end Ethernet address management
  • Built-in BERTS & point-to-point link test functions
  • Java based OS independent software application
  • Scalable (from single unit to complete range solution)
  • Mission based application support
  • Performance logging and post mission analysis

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