Acroamatics Launches Superior Data Display, Analysis, and System Operations Software Suite

Acroamatics, Inc., a Delta Information Systems Company, is pleased to announce Acroamatics’ Display and Analysis Tool (ADAT) offering superior data display, analysis, and system operations tools in a powerful operating system-independent software package that provides an extensible environment for setup and control of all Acroamatics’ Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) systems.

Ease of set-up and operations is ensured with ADAT’s network friendly, user-configurable widget-based telemetry system desktop and data display environment. In addition to the customizable dashboard’s recording, playback, and real-time quick look displays, the ADAT offers precise post-system telemetry measurement data analysis. This visually pleasing package is delivered for use on either a 64-bit Windows 10 (Secure Host Baseline validated) or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Acroamatics telemetry processing platform, allowing the TDP system to be tailored to the user’s preferred OS environment. Applicable DISA STIGs are applied and support is available to maintain compliance with the latest cyber security requirements.

ADAT’s integration with Acroamatics’ rackmount or portable TDP systems offer an unmatched ability to deliver true deterministic multi-stream telemetry data decommutation and processing, scalable from 1 to 16 streams. The flagship TDP dual bus embedded processor architecture is targeted at high-performance field and range data center operations applications, and is scalable to meet field portable, test bench, production test, and control room applications with equal benefit.

“Acroamatics’ high-performance telemetry processing solutions provide users a winning combination of the most unique architectural and functional advantages on the market”, said Gary Thom, President of Acroamatics, Inc. “We are proud to assure our customers that the products they receive are of the highest quality, reliability, and consistency. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction by designing and delivering exceptional products and providing extraordinary customer service.”



For over 50 years, Acroamatics, Inc. and GDP Space Systems have been supporting the telemetry community as industry-leading suppliers of high-quality aerospace telemetry products for Flight Test, Missile Test, Range Safety, Launch Support and Satellite Command and Control applications. Our highly complementary product lines offer innovative end-to-end ground station solutions that address the complete product chain from Data Acquisition through Data Conversion and Distribution to Telemetry Processing and Display. Our world-class products, systems, and software offer unparalleled performance and superior functionality, which has been proven repeatedly in real-life testing by our customers. For more information visit, follow @Delta_Info_Sys on Twitter, or contact Cassandra Lang at


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