Acroamatics Introduces NEW Model 2628AP PCM Simulation System

Acroamatics’ Model 2628AP PCM Simulation System (PSS) is a compact, 1U rackmount PCIe card-based multi-channel PCM Simulator offering flexible hardware configuration (from 1-4 independent simulators). Set-up and operation are supported via local keyboard/monitor or Ethernet. 

Model 2628AP is housed in a PCIe chassis platform utilizing off-the-shelf multi-function PCM processing modules, which feature Acroamatics’ card embedded PCM simulator/encoder services. The Model 2628AP is designed to support both TTL and RS-422 output. User-programmed stream rates exceeding 50 Mbps are supported. The Model 2628AP performs in any of three operating modes; User Defined Program Mode, ‘UDF’ (User Data FIFO dynamic select data insertion) Augmented Program Mode, or ‘Sim-Encoded Data’ Mode from user defined file or recordings (i.e. IRIG106 Chap 10 PCM recorder files). 

Each PCM simulator/encoder is individually programmable and may be operated independently. Acroamatics’ telemetry system simulation software supports the set-up, management, and operation of simulations in a flexible, user-friendly GUI framework (operated locally or via network connection to load and operate the unit). Model 2628AP may also be outfitted optionally with compact Acroamatics telemetry card modules supporting format validation, record/playback, PCM Bit Synchronization & BERT/Frame Sync link test and validation.

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