NEW Compact, Dual Stream Portable Telemetry Processing System

Acroamatics‘ new Model 4032AP Compact Dual Portable Stream Telemetry Processing System is a size and cost effective   “multi-function” dual stream PCM simulator, decom, and recording solution. It is capable of ingesting, simulating, recording, processing, and playback of single-ended and differential baseband PCM, and direct NRZ-L clk/data IRIG Chapter 4 telemetry at rates in excess of 44 Mbps, in all forms.

The Model 4032AP enables users to independently decom, simulate, store and display two streams of PCM data using lightning fast low latency, stored program card embedded Frame Sync / Decom / Simulate / Encoder processors. Flexible card level “soft decom” processing techniques are optimized to decom and process the most complex types of telemetry formats and provide low latency scalable data distribution – from a single laptop to an enterprise scaled network.

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