IRIG CH7 Serial-to-Ethernet Function Now Available

GDP Space Systems has integrated the IRIG Chapter 7 (CH7) Serial-to-Ethernet function, supporting the IRIG Chapter 11 (CH11) protocol, as a new mode in the Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway. Initially, the Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway was designed to transport PCM Telemetry-over-IP utilizing a variety of protocols including IRIG218 (TMoIP Standard).

This new mode acquires the CH7 transport frame through one of its PCM input ports then processes and extracts the CH11 packets across the IP network. The IRIG CH7 standard defines the method for transporting variable-length data formats in a Chapter 4 (CH4) PCM stream. By inserting and encapsulating data from one or more data streams into a CH7 PCM stream, standard data formats defined by IRIG CH11 (recorders), IRIG CH24 TMNS (airborne network data acquisition) and standard Ethernet frames may be transported via Model 2350 Telemetry Gateway.

At remote locations across the test infrastructure, processing and recording of the IRIG CH11 packets can be accomplished using Acroamatics’ Model 2900 Telemetry Data Processor or via 3rd party software processing applications, while being stored on the standalone Model 3500 Ethernet Recorder.

The Serial-to-Ethernet function has also been included in the Model 4426 Telemetry Receiver, which can directly ingest CH7 over the RF link and output the transported Ethernet.

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