GDP-4460-4426-2nd Bit Sync Input

Did You Know?

GDP 44xx Receivers support a 2nd independent Bit Sync input for each receiver channel.

In addition to the RF path to the Data/Clock and/or the Ethernet TMoIP Outputs (IRIG 218-20 & Chpt 10), there is a 2nd independent baseband path through this 2nd Bit Synchronizer. This allows simultaneous operation of the unit through the two independent paths to the outputs. Users who have RF receiver applications, use the 2nd path to send their simulated or live data through the baseband path to their Ethernet data network without having to send it up through the RF uplink to the receiver. Another use is a 2nd standalone Bit Synchronizer.

The unit also supports a variety of simulated output test patterns, PRN and Chapter 4, through these two paths for each channel.

GDP-4460-4426-2nd Bit Sync Input

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