Continued Success: Ampex JPL on the Kawasaki P-1 Aircraft

In 2005, Ampex Japan won the contract to supply the P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft with three recorders per plane. Two DSRs400J recorders on the plane captured Visible/IR surveillance, another recorded radar data.

In 2020, after 15 years of success with the original systems, the team started to recognize obsolescence issues including end of life CPUs and aging storage options. Ampex decided that a refresh to the next generation of the recorders was needed to keep the avionics working in healthy working order.

Ampex engaged in the DSRs400Jv2 Project with the goal of creating a similar yet improved recorder that is a form, fit, and function replacement to the original version. The DSRs400JV2 has a similar appearance to the DSRs400Jv1, with a 100% functionality exchange rate, 4x the rugged memory, additional Gigabit Ethernet port, GUI system, & more maintainable hardware.

DSRs400Jv2 will be used for both system renovation, maintenance, and replacement of existing P-1 equipment.
Ampex Japan supplied critical avionics to these planes the first 15 years and plans for these boxes to stay on the next 15. Ampex delivered the first prototypes at the end of 2021 and has started to deliver production ready DSRs400Jv2s in 2022. It is estimated that the program of record will be 70+ units. These boxes will be on all new P-1’s and will retrofit older planes.


The Kawasaki P-1 is a Japanese maritime patrol aircraft, the first operational aircraft in the world to make use of a fly-by-optics control system.

Radar: Toshiba, Active Electronically Scanned Array radar
Sonar: NEC, multi-static sound navigation system sound
Anti-submarine systems: SHINKO ELECTRIC CO.LTD., Advanced combat direction system
Other: Mitsubishi, Electronic countermeasures (CMD, RWR, MWS, ESM)

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