Combat the Effects of Multipath Distortion and Fading on a Telemetry Signal

Telemetry receivers may have trouble obtaining an unperturbed high-fidelity signal due to multipath interference distortion. Multipath distortion occurs when a signal, emanating from a source, encounters conditions that cause delayed versions of the original signal to be propagated along with the primary signal to the destination. Interactions between the primary and delayed signals result in a distorted signal that must be processed by the receiver.

GDP Space Systems’ newest Multi-band Range Telemetry Receivers are engineered with the latest technology to provide Adaptive Equalization (AEQ). AEQ automatically adjusts its filter character to mitigate time varying distortions in its received signal. AEQ combats the effects of multipath distortion and fading on a telemetry signal, allowing the receiver to present a higher fidelity output.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Adaptive Equalization technology and its substantial performance improvements in a multipath environment.

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