Ampex Patches & Updates Your TuffServ, TuffCORD, & miniRv2 Software

Ampex Data Systems now offers a cybersecurity and software update service for our TuffServTuffCORD, and miniRv2 products. If you own one of these systems, Ampex will help you stay on top of cybersecurity enhancements, patches, interoperability issues, bugs, and latent vulnerabilities in the Ampex Common Compute Environment (ACCE), including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other third-party software (drivers, etc.). View the Datasheet here.
Features include:
  • Hassle-free cyber & interoperability updates of your systems
  • Patches, STIGS, vulnerabilities, bugs
  • ACCE to include Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS
  • In-house testing on hardware / digital twin
  • Monthly or Quarterly updates, compliance documentation

Contact the Ampex sales team to learn more about keeping your Ampex systems secure and up-to-date.

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