Ampex Offers Data System Solutions for Ground & Maritime Vehicle Electronics

Ampex has specialized in systems for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and securing various data types with cost-effective solutions since 1944. Today, Ampex leverages 75 years of expertise to provide ground vehicle electronics (vetronics) and data system solutions for maritime vessels. With open architecture, non-proprietary, network attached storage (NAS) systems, Ampex can meet the full spectrum of requirements, from the U.S. Army’s Vehicle Electronics Architecture (VEA) to the Navy’s maritime Integrated Warfare Systems (IWS).

Ampex devices are SWaP optimized, low-cost, ruggedized NAS systems that can serve as data processors, mission computers, storage devices, and hardware hosts for third-party artificial intelligence algorithms in the harshest environments. Whether it’s a rugged video recorder for a Stryker, a buffering system to help bridge the slip ring on an Abrams, or storing maritime radar data for on Arleigh Burke class Destroyer, Ampex has your solution for any environment from the field to the sea. Learn more here.


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