AMPEX Invited to Speak at Naval Postgraduate School

(Hayward, CA) June, 2018 – Ampex Data Systems has been invited to speak about cyber security for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) industries at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Defense Energy Seminar in Monterey, CA on July 20th, 2018.

The Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Defense Energy Seminars introduce graduate students and faculty to issues and concerns impacting national energy such as policy, conservation, and technological innovation and advances. Aaron Fansler, Chief Technologist for Cyber and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) at AMPEX, will lecture on Non-Traditional Attack Surfaces to CIP and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Networks. The lecture provides an overview of how heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, building automation systems, and other systems can be used as potential attack vectors to pivot into another critical network environment in addition to BLUE technology’s capability to monitor, detect and stop attacks.

Kevin Maher, Program Officer and Academic Associate MCEA of NPS, states “Aaron’s topic is a good fit for us. HVAC control and Grid control are pressing issues in DoD, which tie energy with cyber security. Bringing ideas and products from the commercial segment is important.”

Aaron specializes in the study and evaluation of critical infrastructures such as the electric power grid, water and Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants (POL) pipelines for potential vulnerabilities, and critical interdependencies. Previous NPS speakers have come from National Laboratories such as Lawrence Livermore, Scandia, and Idaho; these lectures were technical in nature. Other speakers, such as Amory Lovins and Dr. Michael Ross, were less technical, but provided insights and different perspectives on energy issues confronting our nation.

The NPS website contains a list of prior guest speakers and their subject:

Aaron’s lecture will be recorded and open to the public here:

Ampex Data Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Information Systems, Inc., is the market leader in delivering visual intelligence and data security in rugged environments. Ampex is a small business based in the Silicon Valley that specializes in cost-effective data recording, on-board storage, cybersecurity, data management, machine learning and other associated technologies.

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