Acroamatics’ Line of Telemetry Data Processors Now Feature A TMoIP Input Capability

Acroamatics TDP System ProductsThe Acroamatics Telemetry Data Processor (TDP) product line now offers Telemetry over IP (TMoIP) input capability. This advanced capability allows the TDP to be seamlessly integrated into your TMoIP environment, simplifying data distribution, and supporting the distribution of higher PCM data rates. The TDP TMoIP input capability is available in the flagship Model 2900 Rackmount TDP, the Model 3022 Portable TDP, the Model 2500 Compact TDP and the Decom/Processor Card Sets.
The TDP systems can accept TMoIP data streams that are formatted into either IRIG 106 Chapter 10/11 (CH10/11) streams or the latest IRIG 218-20 streams. The IRIG 106 CH10/11 format allows single PCM stream per CH10 stream or multiple PCM streams per CH10 stream. When processing IRIG 218 inputs the system automatically detects and processes the legacy IRIG 218-10 packetization as well as the IRIG 218-20 packetization. Both unicast and multicast transport is supported on an individual stream basis. TDP systems can support mixed PCM data/clock inputs as well as TMoIP inputs. The TDP with TMoIP input capability allows the flawless integration of decommutation, processing and display into the GDP Space Systems and Acroamatics’ Network Centric Range Architecture.


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TDP TMoIP Input IRIG106 IRIG -20
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