Model 6850 Multi-Format HD / SD Codec

Specification SheetThe Model 6850 provides flexibility in streaming and distribution of HD/SD video. Utilizing MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) encoding, the 6850 provides real-time encoding for transmission via DVB or IP.

6850The advanced H.264 compression algorithm provides high quality video encoding at relatively low bit rates, for both HD and SD. Combined with flexible, user-configurable interfaces and the ability to process two channels simultaneously, the 6850 packs the power of two encoders in a single package. The unit is built around an advanced, high speed ASIC, working in conjunction with a DSP, to facilitate the data moving and processing required for HD video compression.

The 6850 is compliant with the MPEG-2 Transport layer (ISO-13818-1) for video, audio, and data multiplexing and transmission. The unit provides stereo audio compression in accordance with MPEG-1/Layer II compression algorithm. Low – latency performance makes the 6850 ideal for live event applications. The transport stream can be applied to another 6850 or any compliant hardware or software decoder.

The decoder function allows the integrator to provide an encode/decode solution using the same equipment at both ends. The decoder is a full-featured companion to the encoder, providing simultaneous decoding of two channels, including audio.

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